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Needle Arts for Sanity

When I think of her today, this is how I pray for her–that she will find joy and see the light where I believe she often sees only boredom and struggle. She often complained about things I hadn’t even noticed or ever thought of. Perhaps, she’s simply a deeper thinker than I. There’s something hidden away about her, or was. She smiled a lot, but she could turn furious on a dime and go cold at the strangest things.


I woke up this morning really missing my aunt, who passed away suddenly in June. I feel like, when I knit (but only with good yarn), I’m talking to her. I think about my childhood in Oregon and California and how much I miss the Pacific Ocean, the Redwoods, the Cascades, and I remember that the last time I was…

What would you write here?

There’s something so enticing about a clean slate, the option to start anew. Each season is a clean slate for me, a movement towards to the future. But sometimes, I actually stop and notice the present. I’ve passed by this sign, probably, a thousand times in the past decade, but today I stopped and took a photo. I thought to…