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Needle Arts for Sanity

When I think of her today, this is how I pray for her–that she will find joy and see the light where I believe she often sees only boredom and struggle. She often complained about things I hadn’t even noticed or ever thought of. Perhaps, she’s simply a deeper thinker than I. There’s something hidden away about her, or was. She smiled a lot, but she could turn furious on a dime and go cold at the strangest things.

What My Grandmother and David Bowie Had in Common

(Jean Borgos Burnett in far left corner kneeling among her husband’s-James Faye Burnett’s-Oklahoma kin. 1947) The world has lost two great influences in the last few weeks, my grandmother and David Bowie. At first sight, you’d be hard-pressed to find a decent connection between the two. One was born in 1922 in Brooklyn, New York to one Jewish parent and…

The Katniss Shawl

(Shared from my Instagram) I’ve been working on the Katniss Shawl for my writer pal, Allie Burke, for a while now. It’s taken me a bit longer than I expected, but I think the finished product will be nice. I’ve chosen to do it in parts, with several stitch types involved. I will offer the pattern when I’m done. I’m…