Author: Tiffani

Thank you for stopping by! I have been a freelance writer since 1996. My essays and articles have appeared in all kinds of cool places, like Yahoo! News and Pennsylvania Magazine. My prose and poetry has been in Toe Good Poetry and The Feminine Collective. I am the author of two novels, a novella, several short stories, and one nonfiction book on freelance writing. I love vintage books, old movies, crochet (sometimes, knitting), good coffee (especially if it comes from Hava Java Cafe' in Allentown, PA), and writing. I'm always writing, which is how you got here in the first place. You followed my words from some other place to here. Thanks for that! I see characters and plots in true stories and everyday people. I teach English, ESL and crochet and a local community college and online. And if this sounds a little like yourself, make yourself at home here. Share your thoughts and opinions. Your art and your words. Everyone is welcome here, but comments are modified, and if you're a jerk, you're out.

Needle Arts for Sanity

When I think of her today, this is how I pray for her–that she will find joy and see the light where I believe she often sees only boredom and struggle. She often complained about things I hadn’t even noticed or ever thought of. Perhaps, she’s simply a deeper thinker than I. There’s something hidden away about her, or was. She smiled a lot, but she could turn furious on a dime and go cold at the strangest things.

Part and Parcel

Did you get confused by the new website name? I figured “A Good Yarn” explains the writer/maker bit pretty well. The web address is still the same, It’s been quite a four years in America, hasn’t it, friends? How did you cope? I knitted, crocheted, wrote, published, taught, took a lot of walks with my dog, took naps with…

Book Update

Dear pals, I’ve been dealing with some health issues, so the pattern book has been pushed back to December. It should be available then, and I will continue to updatw everyone soon. Thanks for your patience. I hope everyone is enjoying autumn. What are you all working on.


I woke up this morning really missing my aunt, who passed away suddenly in June. I feel like, when I knit (but only with good yarn), I’m talking to her. I think about my childhood in Oregon and California and how much I miss the Pacific Ocean, the Redwoods, the Cascades, and I remember that the last time I was…