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Granny Squares

Did you get confused by the new website name? I figured “A Good Yarn” explains the writer/maker bit pretty well. The web address is still the same,

It’s been quite a four years in America, hasn’t it, friends? How did you cope? I knitted, crocheted, wrote, published, taught, took a lot of walks with my dog, took naps with my cats. I fought with people and listened to people and I learned a valuable lesson–people only hear what they want to hear. What they are ready to hear. And this led me to another lesson–art is true therapy. Picking up a hook or a needle, or sitting down to my computer or scratching away, pencil to paper, in my leather notebook saved me. I used to think that if I was doing something I enjoyed, it wasn’t really work. But I have learned that work doesn’t always have to be for someone else or dreaded. I’m a lucky person, because I happen to love all my jobs: author, college instructor, maker. Do you enjoy your work? Does it help you rest, or is it always a race?

I tend to work on bits and pieces. Some of these half-finished items will be available on my Etsy store, my Facebook page, and Ravelry soon. The patterns will be for sale, but I’m toying with the idea of making my test pieces free for the first askers.

Chunky Wool Scarf

I started knitting this one just days before the inauguration with yarn my mother bought me in December. I wasn’t sure what to make with it. I played around with it, imagining it as a shawl, then as a blanket. Eventually, I just got really fed up and started knitting. It’s a beautiful throw now. Well, almost. It’s part and parcel. It’s not finished yet, and part of a larger collection of nearly completed things that I think all of you will like. Patterns, items, kits coming soon. Happy first month of 2021.

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