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The little Pennsylvania farming community where I live straddles the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. So, for the past two weeks, the Northeastern half of this valley has experienced a Mid-Atlantic, Virginia style, heatwave. I don’t know why, but heat waves bring out the knitter in me and recently I’ve decided to start working on some plus size sweaters for autumn. I find that many knitters and crocheters make items for a size of women that, mostly, don’t exist– excruciatingly tiny girl-women. The patterns look great on the models, but they look like potato sacks on the rest of us. If one is tall (like me) or really short (like some of my friends) or wear a size higher than 2, these patterns come out in a disappointing version of the original form. It’s simply cheaper to make a tiny sweater than it is to make a larger one, so in the effort to save money and look seemingly “sexy” on Instagram, designers knit for mice. With that in mind, I’m purposefully testing these patterns out on pals to see how I can better create things that fit, function and flatter humans in the majority, not humans in the rare exceptions of the evolutionary process.

Here’s to attempt #1.

I’ve begun blocking some of the body already. It’ll be a cardigan. I’ll share the pattern once I’m done a, and I’ll take some custom orders as well. I find that sweaters are ordered the most as the summer heats starts to really get on everyone’s nerves.

What projects are you all working on?

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