The Beloved Sweater Jacket

The Beginnings of the Amityville Sweater Jacket

I know the trend is all skinny jeans and 80’s crop tops these days, but I’ll never lose my childhood love for 1970’s sweater jackets and knee high boots in autumn. The one I’m creating now will probably look something like these ones, but even thicker, as I want to be able to walk around Sleepy Hollow in this one. I might have to line it with something as well.

This is my Autumn Garden Sweater
It will be shaped like this, but have the stitching shown in the first picture. Sweater jackets are super easy to make. Don’t be afraid to give them a try.

I watch old bell bottom horror movies just to see the flared denim and corduroy belted waistcoats. Last week, I posted some interesting stuff that’s cooking up on Tiffani Lynne Crochet, and I’m deep into the colors of old leaves. You’ll see those things finished, and this lovely pattern (I’m hell bent on repeating in all forms) very soon.


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