The Cozy Shell Sweater

I loved creating this design and I sold three sweaters before I was even finished crocheting the one I was working on. It’s an easy shell stitch, and it reminded me of the rich green that comes after a long summer of rain, which we had in Pennsylvania last year. It’s a clean, fitted, shape, and I used silky acrylic yarn. I take a lot of heat for using acrylic sometimes, but let’s face it, it’s not cheap to crochet on a daily basis, and I’m a teacher and a maker, not a wealthy suburban housewife 😉 The pattern will be available for sale soon. I’m just getting this website revamped and ready for regular use. I want to share the beautiful image of this creation first though.

The Cozy Shell Sweater by Tiffani Velez
Pattern Coming soon!

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