Check Me Out!


(Free Pattern for these crocheted coasters coming soon!)

I’ve had three different shops at Etsy since 2010, I think, but I didn’t give any of them a lot of attention, because I did a lot of selling on Facebook. However, Facebook limits my exposure so much that I have not started a Facebook page for TiffaniLynneCrochet as of yet, and I probably never will. I’m on Instagram, but not as a business, but I would really like to send all of you over to my Etsy shop, if you wouldn’t mind taking a look.

I only have a few items there right now, but I have a large inventory and that will all go up soon. Please consider liking my shop, as I had nice reviews for my other ones, but I have created a completely new slate with this one, I’m spanking fresh.

Tiffani Lynne Crochet at Etsy

Thanks, My Dear Pals, for checking me out.

I will have a movie review this week, because sometimes when I sit down to crochet, I actually get to finish a whole movie or even binge watch on Netflix or Amazon. Rarely, the latter, but still, when it happens it’s grand, and I have some beauties to share with you all.

And, I will have a “What I Made This Week” section and “What I Won’t Make For You” (a little free pattern of something you’re dying to try on your own).


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