What I Made in A Week

When you’re inspired to focus on the moment, you get stuff done. Really. It’s that easy. Here’s what I did in a week. I promised you all that I would post some new pics.


I labeled everything with new labels. I mailed out three new items and will be dropping one off this afternoon.  I love the frenzy of creating and delivering.


A friend of mine were enjoying the sunshine at a local Allentown park yesterday, just enjoying the spring time weather (in mid-February!) and she said, “That [crochet] looks so meditative. If I could crochet, I wouldn’t do anything else.”

I went on to explain to her that this is exactly how it feels. In time, I will have some tips and videos. I have a defunct YouTube channel. I don’t even remember its name. I’ll dust it off and see if my video-making skills have improved any.

What have you made in a week? Share with us.



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