I’m Always Hooking


(Viola-Mae Flapper Hat, named for my great-grandmother the bootlegging mogul of southeastern Oklahoma).

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been a little overwhelmed with all the news lately. I have considered moving to Canada or Switzerland. Seriously. After the American election, I found that it was hard to even keep writing. I have lost friends and family connections because of this election, and I no longer trust that all the people who call themselves my friends are really my friends. So, it’s been a sad time, and I’ve let my introverted self enact its protective “distance covering”. In other words, I don’t hang out with people much and I don’t go to too many places where humans might congregate. Yeah. It’s been that bad in America.


(Lacy Flapper Hat)


The few things that seem to bring joy and stability to my life? Faith, family, books, and crochet. Writing is not on the top of that list anymore. I’ve had it with publishing as much as I have with politics.Not that I don’t write. I’m working on a book right now. I just can’t tolerate the fuss and angst. But I have found that the more stressed out I am, the more I pick up a crochet hook or knitting needles, the more I drink sugary/milky cups of tea, and the more I read for the pure joy of it. I take long walks (“long” is subjective when you have Myasthenia Gravis, but I do use my legs and move them, one after another) in my Pennsyltucky farm country. I mentally repair broken parts of the Ugly Old Farmhouse, making fictional plans with the Hot Latin Husband to make this place almost livable. I make biscuits and pasta from scratch, and I speak to those who really are my friends in person. I had my neighbor, and close pal, St. Theresa (that’s what I call her, because of her long-suffering battle with MS and because we’re both crazy Catholic ladies) over for coffee the other day, and we talked for hours while I crocheted the Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves that I promised my brilliant designer pal, Gayle. I’ll drop them off today.


(Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves)

And I mailed out two adorable infant Flapper Hats to my friend, Darcy, who’s known me since 1987, when I was a badly permed 12-year-old in her 7th grade class at Vineyard Christian School in Oxnard, California. Darcy will go down in history as one of the great teachers in my life. I loved her then and now. She has grandchildren now and I have grown children, and I crocheted her grand babies flapper hats. Holy cow! We’ve known each other for 30 years! We’re old farts.

The more stress came, the more walks I take, the more hooking and looping I do, the more I find that this action is a prayer that I will forgive the mean people and pray for them to find a semblance of peace, too.

Oh, yeah, and I have changed my crochet business to TiffaniLynneCrochet as an honor to my mother, who’s always been proud that she gave me a “beautiful Southern name”.  Also, AniBurnett never caught on, and I found that I was embarrassed to share it, because I had to explain it so much. Blah, blah, blah…Tiffani-Lynne is my real name, and you all get the idea.

My mother claims that “Tiffani-Lynne” was quite popular in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I was born in the early 1970’s. She said thinking of a name for me was a distraction from all the Watergate news, so hopefully, my hooking will be a distraction to all of you who are, and aren’t, hookers  (Yes, I am aware of how I’m using that word. You’re supposed to laugh). I used to hate my name, because it was always associated with bimbos and blonds. I’m blond and spent my lunch hour in Catholic school hunkered down in the library reading about the lives of Saints and brilliant Communist revolutionaries of the Spanish Civil War. So, not a bimbo, and not very noteworthy as a blond. But you get the idea. Tiffani was a difficult name to live up to if you’re introverted and hated the idea of prom (even when you were asked multiple times. I’m weird that way. Dancing?! Not unless it’s the Charleston).

But now I love the name, because I love my mother, and it’s worn me down anyway, so I’ve changed it. So, if you loved me as AniBurnettDesigns, you’ll love me more as TiffaniLynneCrochet. I mean, I don’t really know why I’m saying that since nothing has changed, but that’s what people say when they change their business names, right? It sounds good before my second cup of coffee on this strangely warm Pennsyltucky Monday morning in February. So, come back often. I have patterns to share, and I will be uploading new pictures today. If you want one of the TWO items I have posted to Etsy so far, you can visit my shop at https://tiffanilynnecrochet.patternbyetsy.com/ . Thanks for reading, pals. I hope that if you can’t find a place of pure joy here at TiffaniLynneCrochet, at least, you’ll find a few minutes of distraction.



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