What Would Mary Elizabeth Have Worn?

In honor of Mary Elizabeth (see last post), I went searching for a knitting or crochet pattern that would be something my third great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Golden Carter Gifford Locke (good grief, she had a boatload of names!) would be likely to have created for herself. I stumbled upon these beauties, and I’m going to replicate one of them. Here’s where My Dear Readers come in. I’m taking a vote on which pattern you think I should reproduce.

Knitting Patterns from an 1868 Harper's Bazar.
Knitting Patterns from an 1868 Harper’s Bazar.

There are, also, these crocheted lovelies.

Crocheted Sontag Pattern  1864, Peterson Magazine
Crocheted Sontag Pattern
1864, Peterson Magazine

Peterson's Magazine Crochet Sontag

Sontags were knitted or crocheted wraps that were worn by women of all socioeconomic levels throughout the Antebellum period. This would have included Mary Elizabeth, her sister Hulda, and her mother, Martha. I particularly like the colors in the sontag above, and I think that this is a simple pattern as well.

But there’s this, too…

Lady's Crocheted Cape 1869
Lady’s Crocheted Cape

So, I will be taking some votes on my Facebook pageand here, at the blog. I’ll also pick one random voter as the winner to receive the completed pattern. Vote below or on Facebook, where prompted. I’m excited. If you haven’t the interest in voting, perhaps, crochet or knit one of these patterns yourself and check back here to let us all know how you’re doing.


2 thoughts on “What Would Mary Elizabeth Have Worn?”

  1. Hi Ani, most definitely the Antebellum cape sooo pretty, useful, warm. A woman could wear it inside on a frosty evening or outside when the weather is cool.

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